Alas, earlier versions of my program have a bug that lets it fail to read follow-up clusters of the root directory on FAT32 formatted devices. If the root directory occupies more than one cluster and you try to sort it with option "Remove Deleted Entries" checked, this can lead to entries in follow-up clusters of the root directory not being accessible anymore (see History / Bugfixes section at the end of the Readme file for details).

Therefore, please only use version build 0.7.458.4 / v0.7 beta RC2 and above where this bug has been fixed.

Thanks to Fernand De Decker from Belgium for pointing this out.

FAT Reader v0.7 beta / RC2
build 0.7.458.4
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FAT Reader is a little program written in VB .NET that lets you sort the file and folder entries of a FAT file system, giving you complete control of their order. It is useful for MP3 Media Players, Digital Photo Albums and all other devices that do not provide a function to change the play list order, but also for everyone who simply want things to be in the order they choose and not in the order that the system forces upon them.

Unlike some other FAT Sorting Tools that I found on the internet, mine not only has a GUI, but can also do real sorting on the filesystem level. And because it communicates with the device drivers, it should be able to handle all drives that Windows recognizes as FAT, be it MP3 player, USB stick or harddisk, even mounted TrueCrypt volumes work.

Main Features


Just unzip the contents of the archive into a folder of your choice and you are good to go. If you don't know how to create a shortcut for it by yourself, please check out the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

If you get a message about insufficient rights upon startup, right-click on the program icon, choose "Properties" - "Compatibility" and check "Run As Administrator".

For detailled information how to use the program, please refer to the Readme file (also included in the .ZIP archive).


FAT Reader Screenshot